Coworking VISA in Coffice Prague

Coffice is taking part in the coworking VISA programme.

You can find a list of other coworking spaces that take part in the coworking wiki

Coworking VISA for members of Coffice

You enjoy benefits whilst travelling and using other coworking spaces around the world.
The conditions vary by space, some offer free access to similar extend you are enjoying in Coffice whilst you continue to pay Coffice membership, others just 2-3 days of free access.

Always contact the manager in advance if you plan to drop in using the VISA program.

Coworking VISA for members of other coworking spaces

Members of other coworking spaces of the VISA program get following conditions in Coffice Praha:
Same access as by your home coworking space agreement

Please contact us minimum 2 days prior to your arrival and provide the name of your home coworking space and contact to a manager.

If your home coworking space is not yet member of the program, ask the manager to join, it only takes the time to edit the coworking wiki.

About the VISA program in general

The VISA program is designed to make work&travel more fun for members of coworking spaces.
Members themselves cannot sign up but any space can join the program by simply entering its name to the website of the VISA program. It costs nothing and adds value for all it’s members.

If your home coworking space is not yet member of the program, tell the manager about this great idea and ask him to join the program.

Every coworking space has it’s own conditions for visiting members of others spaces. These conditions can be found in the coworking wiki or on the websites of the locations.